The most ultimate man-only vacation. Usually this trip involves heavy drinking, getting kicked out of something, and nearly dying. At camp sites, everybody who is not a mancationer hates the mancationers, likely because they can not understand the sheer awesomeness that is Mancation.
JD: Hey Big Steve, you going to the Mancation this year? It's going to be awesome!

Big Steve: I don't think so, last time I went I got too drunk and started eating Tums like candy. I shat a rainbow the next day!

JD: What's your point?
by JDFERNS October 18, 2011
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When a woman takes a break from men for awhile. It usually occurs after a period of back to back relationships or after a flurry of cringe worthy first dates. During her mancation, she doesn't date, go online or think about a relationship with a man. She purposefully takes herself off the market and out of the dating game. This period usually involves an increase in self-care, hanging with girlfriends, shopping, taking stock of her life and developing her career or new creative pursuits. Success frequently follows a mancation.
Did you notice that Kim Kardashian has taken a total mancation? She's all about her business right now. Good for her.
by Bklngrl January 7, 2011
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Main Entry: man·ca·tion
Pronunciation: mān-ˈkā-shən
Function: noun

Usage: often attributive

Definition 1: A homoerotic version of a regular vacation. A period spent away from home or business in travel with other "MEN" with similar interest
I can't wait to go to my yearly Mancation at the leather and cigar festival, I hope all my "friends" make it.
by D. U. GG June 17, 2009
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When a guy goes on a vacation sometimes with his guy friends, but without the biatch along
I needed some sun and fun so I told my wife I was going on a golfing mancation.
by honus tyronus December 30, 2009
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A vacation without women scheduals food management or having to always put the toilet seat down.
My dad and I went on a MANCATION in mishigan with his friend and his son
by Mnfireman January 16, 2010
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When normal males engage in "guy" activities that involve sports, camping, gambling, chasing women and most of all drinking amongst their all and only male friends. No wives, mistresses or girlfiends allowed. Done in order ot get in touch with their male-primal roots.
Jack and I hiked 25 miles to trout fish in the Sierras. With many beers and stories, it made for the perfect Mancation.
by Jack7559 April 13, 2006
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A College in Manchester for those people who have attained very low grades, if any at all, and wish to skive for a few years in "higher" education until they are old enough to go on the dole.
"You got into MANCAT?" - "Of course I did fool!"
by Chris Icelly May 3, 2005
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