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a man who flaunts themselves sexually and is considered to be promiscuous or receives compensation for sexual favors.
Jen: did you see that guy winking at me, he said he'd make it "worth my while" if i went home with him!!
Britt: ugh, he's such a man tart!!!!
by inanaeroplane February 09, 2010
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a guy who drives a maroon BA falcon and has a 5 o'clock shadow, usally has a name like brad or clancy, and sleeps till the crack of noon, without consequence. sleeps with women and animals at times of weakness. masturbating is the power of his will to live. do not disturbed during "the act" or bear the aftermath
look at that guy in that falcon , with all the sleepy looks, he must be a man tart
by Dan54484848484 June 29, 2008
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A promiscuous man who has sex with anyone.
The man-tart went off with the prostitute for a night of fun.
by Wardy02 July 05, 2018
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