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1. When a guy's pants are too low, and show a triangle of muscles before getting to the nether regions.
2. Same as girl cleavage, only on a guy.
His pants were so low, he was showing off some man cleavage!
by Hodini October 29, 2003
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Showing your testicles, much like a woman shows her cleavage.

The testicles and penis are equivalent to the breasts and nipples on a woman. It is proper to fully show the testicles in public, but the penis cannot be show.
That guys man cleavage is totally showing in those running shorts.
by Man cleavage person June 02, 2009
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the buldge. An 'Emporio Armani David Beckham' advert inspired phase to describe a mans package consealed, perhaps most commonoly and obviously, in y fronts(aka tighty whiteys). It refers to size,shape,direction and general aesthetics.
David Beckham's man cleavage in the Emporio Armani 2009 collection
by boblovestightywhiteys December 22, 2009
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