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A minivan, usually older, but doesnt have to be that a teenager boy drives. A point of humor with his friends that have their own cars. Usually resulting in them questioning his sexual orientation or the size of his genitals.
The kind of car a 16/17 yr old guy drives if he doesnt have a car or he has to drive his moms because his older sister/brother is driving the "kids" car.
by The_Big_Sexy August 05, 2005
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One of any make or manufacture of luxury SUV, meant to bestow manly characteristics to an otherwise emascualted or socially-inept head of household. Also, any SUV bought for the purposes of evoking masculinity in an urban-only environment.
"Todd took a cue from Chad down at the country club and decided to buy a ManVan instead of the Soccer-Momish Windstar Muffy was chiding him about."
by spacematic January 31, 2005
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a big van with no backseats which is generally driven by a gay man; a homosexuals ride.
"You see that Man-van drive by?"
by SwitchBlade May 29, 2006
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