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Someone who goes and date your boyfriend while you are still dating him.
Emily is a man stealer because she took Johnny as her boyfriend.
by duhma June 03, 2008
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a girl that takes her "best friend"'s crush away from her. she lies and says she wont date him because she knows her best friend likes him, but she does it anyway. if she would rather lose her best friend over a guy, then that's her choice.
she can suck my dick.
Barbara told Chantel she would NEVER date Ryan because she knows she likes him. But her and Ryan are "talking" now.
What a man stealer.
by Keylee. January 14, 2009
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a treesh that likes to flirt with everyone
tends to steal people's mans
usually goes by the name of isabella

watch out for 'isabella's they tend send nudes
Damn, did you see isabella? She sure is a man-stealer. She was flirting with my other bf again.
by anonymous woke person January 04, 2019
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