Getting some quality sleep where you shouldn't be.
I hadn't slept the night before work, and had been out drinking rather too much. I came into work late with a hangover and then took a man nap in the disabled toilet for a few hours...

Good times...
by Anonymous0000 August 28, 2005
n. A nap which entails finding the smallest, most uncomfortable space possible and then taking a nap in that space.
What is he doing in that kitchen cabinet? Taking a man nap.
by CCCCCCCCCC May 4, 2005
taking a nap in an uncomfortable and downright strange place, and sometimes going to great lengths to do so.
GEORGE: Jerry, look at my eyes.
JERRY: A little less beady today.
GEORGE: Because I'm REFRESHED. I finally found a way to sleep in my office. Under the desk. I lie on my back. I tuck in the chair. I'm invisible.
JERRY: Sounds like a really cool fort.

^^see? George takes a man nap.
by Seinfeld Lover September 4, 2005
When you get thrown in a sexy group chat with girls demanding dick pics and don't know how you got there you were man napped.
I don't even know how I ended up in this chat. Yo you were man napped
by Mine & yours March 25, 2021
-To Kidnap a grown man for torture or pleasure.
1) I am going to Man-Nap you, lock you in my basement and spank you til say momma.

2)"Who's in your shower?" "Oh that's Luke, I have Man-Napped him for the weekend to help me stain the deck"
by Carley Raine April 6, 2006
A nap taking place at a field of work where one "hides" from the work environment in usually a small and cramped but funny place for a good amount of time.
The Romanian has been behind the TVs for an hour now and customers need help. He must be taking a man nap!
by Steve Ko July 20, 2005
Not to be confused with stealing kids (aka kidnapping) man-napping is a slightly insane single middle aged woman stealing hot sexy men, holding them hostage in their apartment.
*After watching frontier on Netflix, planning on Man-napping Jason Momoa . He will be tied up on my couch.
*After man-napping Chris Helmsworth I now eat manwich off his abs.
by Venomhead December 17, 2018