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Mamoun is a moroccan male who thinks its the smartest thing around... but really he is completley disconnected and has an IQ of about 1.309 to be exact (a lot cheaper version of Marwan) Its belongs in the Australopitecus Homo Erecuts family, and a desendant of the Neanderthals.
"Mamoun? Mskine :( I wish I could donate some chromosomes to him..."

"Mamoun has what we call the God complex"

Hahahaha I'm joking Mamoun :D (my defenition is great a oulidi ;) )
by Some1smarterthanyoudidthis;) December 02, 2013
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To sit on a phallic pole and spear ones intestines at a gay or straight nightclub or coffee haus. Used as a conversation starter.
Can you believe how uncormfortable this mamoun is. How can they make us inpale ourselves at this coffee haus?
by Marvin Shankus November 23, 2016
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