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A relationship opposite to femdom in which the male is the dominant partner sexually or otherwise. The male is also the top in bdsm play or whereas the female takes the submissive role and is the bottom. The relationship is not always hetrosexual.

The dominant male may also be known as a master, domino straight cougar or dominator.
Maledom relationship are quite common. A good example would be the one between audry and her sadist boyfriend in the musical "little shop of horrors".
by beags January 08, 2008
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Maledom Domination: A man (or action in which a man) dominates sexual interaction with his mate. See also dominatrix. This frequently (but not exclusively or absolutely) includes:

-) Humiliation of the sub. (submissive, punishment, slave)

-) Penetration of the sub. (incl. toys, etc).

-) Bondage / restraint of the sub.

-) punishment / Calling names, choking, slapping or tied up for not following a command.
"The Maledom punished his mate for not listening to a command"
by Mercadies March 02, 2017
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Mal edom, or maledom as it's commonly known, is bad law.

Mal=bad, edom=law

Essentially it was used by the Russian mafia in conjunction with Chinese special ops and North Korean rebel extremists to destroy the government of a little known country called Uzbekistan. This led to large stipulations among the American population, and maledom is considered essentially eternally damning.
"Remember the time back when maledom was a thing? Good thing those commies got put down."
by Snuffleblorb December 22, 2016
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