Islands south of India (I think) that are fucking BEAUTIFUL...
I had my honeymoon at the maldives.
by Advil April 9, 2004
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The Maldives is a nation made up of 1200 islands; found in the Indian Ocean, South Asia. The isles consist of a population of 350,000 and white sandy beaches. It is a famous tourist destination.
Maldives is mostly known as sunny side of life and also the country of getaway.
Sana:Hey haula last week i went for holiday at maldives
Haula:Ohhhh awsome.You shoul have taken me with you =.=
by horoscope May 7, 2011
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some island country with nice beaches and a gang and drug problem that's not seen by tourists.
John:Did you know my country is pulling a maldives?
Jack:No i didnt.
by kazuwan May 5, 2021
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when ur outside havin sex and have a Diarrhea u take a dump in the females chest which is going to start steaming.
After the steaming maldive the girl looked she was boiling.
by A-turk October 24, 2006
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