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Short for malco-ordinated. Similar to retard or spastic or any other word which mocks 'special' people (otherwise know as society drainers). Extremely politically correct. Often follows 'dirty' or 'fucking'
"I like Kevin"
"KEVIN? He's a dirty malco!"
by rosa May 02, 2003
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someone who runs like theyve got a pinapple stuck up their ass and a straw stuck up their cock, sometimes has pigeon toed feet and cant catch and throws like a sissy/spastic, has swollen ankles and cant jump more than 10 cm up or length ways and sweats easily and grunts when out of breath
by malco beater July 03, 2003
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AAAAAAA ur mum got wind from behind and she like dat shit from jonny jones

get a life an dnt bother doin it to other peeps its fukin anoyin!

ur jus a freak wid ur batty gal
by Me Jonathon Jones March 08, 2004
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