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1) used to describe a white guy, who has an unusual attraction to asians.
2) a name of a playgirl magazine.
3) someone who resembles bill kaulitz, from tokio hotel.
1)Maksym loves asians, with sex-ceptions.
2) I'm getting a number 69 issue of Maksym, the playgirl magazine.
3) OMGOSH. that cutie looks just like a Maksym!
by c0okiee June 10, 2008
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1. A noun meaning 'professional', can be used in conjunction with 'Gamer' , 'Footballer, etc.
2. Somebody you may look up to, an idol.
1. Let me bake it. I'm a Maksym.
2. Ronaldo is a maksym to many young footballers.
by MKpro January 11, 2018
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