What happens when men between the ages of 16-22 fall asleep (or pass out of course) after a night of drinking heavily. Men can "Make It Rain" in many different places including beds, couches, cars, floors, the Sigma Chi fraternity of Alpha Xi, etc.
Joe: Hey Danny, whatd u do last night?

Danny: Oh, just made it rain.

Joe: Oh, who'd you pour champagne on?

Danny: I didn't pour champagne on anyone.

Joe: Then how did you make it rain?

Danny: Lets just say I had an accident last night.

Joe: Ohhhhh, well in that case, I guess I made it rain last night too.
by LetsMakeItRainTonight! December 14, 2008
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To vigoerously shake the sweat from your hair in the club, spraying your sweat everywhere, emulating rain.
"If I danced too close to that hood rat, her nappy weave might make it rain on my new dress."
by natie g July 11, 2008
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When a hot bisexual man cums on someone's face so much to the extent that you can barely identify who the subject is. The hot bisexual man typically gets a job offer after the intercourse.
Mike: His face was all covered with cum. I couldn't even tell who it was.

Fred: Yeah, I made it rain before you came in to room.

Mike: I figured. Congrats on that GS offer.

make it rain
by wharton2021 September 22, 2017
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