Often said by Dj Khaled to indicate an item or action that is required to sustain human life.
Dj Khaled: Egg whites, turkey bacon, wheat toast, water.... Major Key.
by OsamaBinGotEeeem January 20, 2016
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Something that is essential to have in a certain situation. Can be in the form of advice, or a some sort of object.
Major Key - Trust no one

Major Key - If they don't want you to succeed, then fuck em.
by ItsMeMaxK January 28, 2016
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The most important thing/the most crucial aspect
Getting drunk is the major key to having fun tonight
by tsizz13 March 28, 2016
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A term used for an idea or way of living that improves your life, mind and soul.
Major key: Don't listen to they.
by Huegie April 12, 2016
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This term was popularized by Dj Khaled via the social media app, Snapchat. Through his many rants, he would often refer to something as a "major key" or "major key alert" or the "keys to success". This could be anything from drinking water with every meal, to watering your plants or even taking out the trash. So many people caught on to this trend and started immitating this phrase and before long, it was an actual coined phrase imbedded in urban vernacular.
Water is a major key to succes. Drinking water with every meal is a major key ya'll.
by Siddthekidd March 10, 2016
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A term Dj Khaled uses on social media when he did something successful.
Just won an award! Major key to success🔑

by nad and katie January 27, 2016
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