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Mahiya is a type a person whos nice,cares about ppl,polite.
At first she cared what ppl thought about her,they used her as a toy but now she doesn't give fuck about anyone. A mean yh, she has like so many crushes but she thought bout the personality not the face. Personality is rlly important to her.

She doesn't care if she isnt pretty. She doesn't care about wat ppl say about her because thats their opinion. She doesn't care if ppl tell her wat to do cause they dont. She doesn't even care if she's popular or doesn't have a lot of friends, at least she has some.

Sometimes life can suck but Mahiya doesn't give a fuck!
Ooo i had like 100 crushes,” person one. “Wat?!?”person 2. “Well at least im a mahiya😼"
by Mina621 June 22, 2018
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