Japanese word for sushi quality tuna, used to refer to a girl who just lays there and does nothing during sex.
A: Yo, I heard you finally banged Stephanie!

B: Yeah, but it turns out she's a maguro.
by zachwolff October 16, 2003
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the ugly and, quite frankly, TRAGIC Netflix translation of Jasmine saying "my girl" in the Netflix original On My Block
Jasmine: Anyway, it's all good because Ellen is MAGURO, and the last thing she needs is more drama from Señor Mad Moustache...
by iyawn April 1, 2019
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"fake maguro" ("fake tuna" in English) - an experienced woman who pretends she doesn't know anything about sex so a prospective husband won't realize that she's been around. See also "maguro."
She did the fake maguro thing for him and he loved it. Teaching her all sorts of tricks was great for both of them, even if she really already knew them all and more.
by owan January 23, 2008
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