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A wrap "rolled up sandwich" commonly made in prison, made from tortilla chips crushed up added to a little milk to form the wrap. Anything else found from the prison canteen list is then added to form the contents of the wrap. For example: tuna, noodles, adobo, honey, summer sausage, cheese spread, and pretzels. To make a mafungo you first crush up the tortilla chips and add some milk in a small trash bag. When you get a dough formed, roll out onto a larger trash bag on a table. Add the contents of the sandwich on to of the dough mixture , now roll to make the wrap.
-You better throw in some canteen if your gonna eat our mafungo tonight.
-Whos turn is it to make the mafungo.
by JTM27 May 28, 2009
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Common to those exposed to sea air, a particularly gamey form of toe jam consisting of dead skin cells, dirt, sweat, body oil, and lint that accumulates between one's toes.
"Jesus Peter, you need to do something about that nasty mafungo of yours," said the pedicurist.
by Rene Balzac January 07, 2012
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