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a very hot girl with blonde hair who is a babe
madora is a capricorn and a great friend, you can trust any madora
"Have you seen that hot bitch?"

"You mean Madora?"
by Lil' Savvv April 06, 2017
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A smart girl usually blond! Tends to be annoying but she doesn't care because she likes books more than people. She's super sweet but really bad at lying which she tends to do a lot! Madora has a lot of enemies and fake friends but has a few friends that will always have her back! Fun fact : she's usually a Capricorn and has a big nose
You know that madora girl?

Yeah why?

She's hot!

Have you seen her nose!?

She can pull it off
by Pink gorilla February 09, 2017
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A very sweet girl, bad at lying. Makes friends quickly and easily but only has few real friends. She would do absolutly anything for the people she loves. Has gone through a lot but focus's on her friends problems more than her own. Gets hurt often due to trusting everyone. Madora has a good sense of humor but can also be annoying at times. Athletic and flexible, wants everyone to like her. One of her biggest fears is being abandoned or drowning.
Person 1: Hey have you talked to Madora today?

Person 2: Yeah, I talk to her everyday she's a great listener.
by Catherine De' Medici November 19, 2018
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