In class-based FPS games such as Battlefield 2 or Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, a medick is a player who would rather charge into an enemy squad alone, try to heal himself, and get blown away instead of reviving you so the two of you might actually stand a chance at taking them out.

Medicks often exhibit tunnel vision (whut HUD?), selective deafness (lalala i catn hrea u!!), and delusions of grandeur (I R TEH 1337!!!11) which often lead to their timely demise. And if that fails, well, you can always teamkill them. I like to play Medick Baseball by ramming them with a Jeep and seeing how far they fly.

Medicks are often confused with Medics, players who actually understand that their primary role should be to support their teammates.
Hey guys, I think there's about four of them holed up in front of the flag. One of them's a Spec Ops - CRAP, where'd that nade come from?

Oh, good, here comes a medic. Hey, get me up, buddy, and we'll hit them round the back. Where are you going? I just told you they're watching the front! That Spec Ops probably laid out C4! Do you think dropping a med pack is going to-


...I hate medicks.
by 1cewolf January 01, 2010
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designates a specific paracetamol dealer that lives in discord

doctor sex's brother
Example : omg look it's medick gaming!!
Example 2 : paracetamol
by medick gaming July 30, 2021
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medick gaming is the leader of the tf2 medic subspecies called the "medicks"
he's also called "paracetamol man" due to his realm's main currency (paracetamol)
look,isn't that medick gaming, the paracetamol man ?
by medick gaming August 06, 2021
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The best server to play First Person Shooters on.


Only the best gamers swell on that server.
Hey man, you hear about the new #1 BF3 server in the world?

Nah, what about it?

Medick's Madhouse, IT'S FUCKING AWESOME! Sanity optional.
by Azuron November 25, 2011
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