when another person from a different crew, area, or hood looks at you like he's going to do something.
"Ay did you see James mad doggin me earlier? Im bout to fuck this nigga up!"
by nigga gabe July 31, 2006
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To stare down someone in an aggressive manner in the hopes of
starting a fight.

Yo that fool was mad doggin' me but I straight showed him piece and he bounced out
by Thanisha November 16, 2005
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To do everything you possibly can to support your favorite character in a Saimoe Tournament. Named after a former member of animesuki who, for the entire year before the 2008 Japan Saimoe Tournament, went to dozens of anime forums and got as much support as he could for Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi from the anime "Lucky Star". During the 2008 Japan Saimoe Tournament Kagami and Tsukasa Dominated all their competitors and finished 1st and 2nd.
Fred was Mad Doggin for that anime character last year.
by Mad_Dog7 August 17, 2010
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squating in front of the couch leaning back with your forearms resting on the seat cushions and then mounting your old lady dog style and using the couch as pushin leverage, has nothing to do with staring angrily at someone
me and my old lady was mad doggin it off the couch and brother let me tell you it was great!!
by the randyman January 15, 2010
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