Stands for Morning After Dump. This is the dump taken the next morning after a long night of drinking, when the endless pints of barley and hops have temporarily morphed your intestines and colon into a gassy, volatile mass of crap. It is characterized by copious amounts of loud farting, occasional spurts of runniness, and a god awful smell reminiscent of swamp water, rotting cabbage, and gangrene. It is best taken with others present so that they may bask in the toxic stench, gasping for fresh air and screaming for mercy, all the while as you sit patiently, scouring your memory in order to piece together the events from the previous evening while you simultaneously empty your putrid innards into the porcelain goddess.
Guy 1: "Good God in Heaven, what is that smell? Did someone use chemical weaponry in our house?!"

Guy 2 (from bathroom): "Sorry dude, had to drop the MAD, I thought I was going to crap myself. I have plenty of Fabreeze, don't worry."

Guy 1: "Fabreeze?! We'll need a friggin' priest to get that disgusting stench out of here!!"
by Buck Biggler May 07, 2009
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Macalester Affective Disorder, where whenever you set foot on Macalester campus you just want to bust a cap up everyone's ass. Often coupled with seasonal affective disorder, cause it's fucking cold up here.
My fat-ass roommate better keep the fuck away cause I'm M.A.D.
by jcovette January 28, 2010
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1. insane
2. angry
3. very
4. cool
5. the best magazine ever
1. "Sosa" is mad if he thinks he has a brain.
2. I'm mad that they made Gigli.
3. These pills are mad dope.
4. Dat ho on the corner gots mad tits.
5. I shot someone for thinking that JAPANIMATION CRAP MONTHLY was the best magazine ever, so I get to go to Mad Magazine Heaven.
by EvilZak August 19, 2003
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Mads is a male name which is the short term of the name Matthæus. Mads is used to describe people which is clever and/or has a large penis.

In northern europe the name mads is quite widely used. in ancient times a Mads was also known to be the "true leader" of the pack. It is not very known that awesome people with awesome names was called Mads in privacy. people like Ghandi fx was called Mahatma Mads Ghandi while he wasnt saving the world.
Look at that dude... he is so Mads today
by Atlaz October 07, 2014
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acronym for Mutual Assured Destruction, a theory that states that a nation wouldn't begin a nuclear war because the opposing nation would destroy them in retaliation.
MAD may very well have saved all our asses from a nuclear holocaust on several occasions.
by Shawn E. November 06, 2003
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1. When used as "I'm mad that..." to mean "I can't believe that.."

2. Can also be used alone to express shock or surprise.
1. I'm mad that Carina had sex with her best friends man. Translation: I can't believe that Carina...

2. "I'm mad!" AS IN: "Oh Shit!" "No Way!"
by magoo219 May 07, 2003
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