A brat who never knows when to shut her legs.
Brian: I was banging that girl last night!
Justin: Was it Maddog?
Brian: Obviously, she gets around!!!!
by fuckinfreshasfuckinhellfuck April 08, 2011
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Another name for a penis, Used mainly by people who are constantly in Skengman mode
Cameron : Have you seen my maddog?

Liam: Yes that poor woman has got it sticking into her eye

Cameron ----____----
by Y2l12898 July 02, 2011
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When a girl is giving a guy a blowjob the guy doesn't say he's going to come so unexpectedly the guy comes in her mouth. She's spitting the come out making her look like a mad dog with white foam coming out of it's mouth.
"Dude totally mad dogged that trick last night!"
by Torolf September 01, 2008
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a crazy irish fellow with a bad temper, with grey hair and looks a little older than he is, and is also a little slimy.
reverts to anger, verbal abuse, violence and cigars when drinking the guiness.
man in pub taking food off the table which had been prepared for there party, maddog decides to help him self uninvited, the guy confronts maddog, who then replies with a string of four letter words.
by L briggs September 24, 2006
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swishing a mouth full of cum around, showing your teeth, and saying "grr mad dog" while frothing white all over your face
Girl: Theres nothing i love more on a friday night than mad dog.
Boy: Oh gee.
by y3nna March 30, 2007
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