3 definitions by Choybalsan

mad dogging or dogface as its called in prison is a expressionless glare ostensibly used to intimidate but is actually often a way for gay men to recognise each other if its combined with other signals such as a lock of eyes
Mad dogging is a way for men who are not obviously gay to hit on each other.
by Choybalsan July 23, 2008
Mongolian military genius and tactitian who used primarily Stalinist tactics such as the use of informants. Used a method of linguistic analysis to find out peoples hidden attitudes. Usually about him. Destroyed anyone he percived as an enemy. Before his transformation he was a lamaist monk himself and subsequently ordered all but one monk executed on the condition that he was castrated.
He used the choybalsan method to get inside the mind of his enemys.
by Choybalsan July 23, 2008
A place were ostenbibly straight men go to have sex with other men. Parks, fishing places. They usually signal each other with hand signals or the classic eye lock or staredown or other modes of recognition
My ex-boyfriend called those areas off the gandy bridge in tampa as fruit loops. How would he know that if he wasnt gay?
by Choybalsan July 23, 2008