Portuguese word for monkey, can be used as a derogatory term toward Brazilians, usually because of they annoying behavior in the internet, such as spam or trolls.
Example in Discord;

João: huehuehueheuhuehue Come to Brazil XDD Brazil numero uno hueheieh

Charles: Can you stop spamming?

João: XDDD

Bradley: Don't worry, he's a macaco.
by Apollyon_65 February 21, 2021
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Monkey soup. A very exotic dish from Brazil. A Portuguese expression associated with a Facebook post by Brazilian resident Bettynho Zigindum, in which he is shown eating monkey soup. He mentions that his mother-in-law prepared him monkey soup and proceds to display several pictures where a monkey is shown skinless and torn to pieces before being cooked into a soup.
by Uncle Amazon March 2, 2020
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Sopa do macaco is a special dish originated in Brazil. Usually is used by south americans to bother brasilian people.
- Me gustaria una sopa do macaco.

- De macaco?
- Sopa do macaco!
by Carvu December 10, 2018
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Personne giga cringe, fan de tiktok
Macaco pu
by ArchevêqueChad September 19, 2021
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