memphis, tn and if you think otherwise, well you're wrong.
M-Town Representatives by Gangsta Boo, thats all you need.

by thkist October 31, 2005
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m-town is actually Memphis, TN. At least when listening to Project Pat, who is from Memphis.
by taser1984 April 10, 2004
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n. An abbreviation for the official name of a conglomeration of people that happens to begin with "M". May stand for Memphis, Middletown, or even my personal favorite: Midland, MI.
You better not mess with those crazy nerds from M-town...they will orkfia you to kingdom come.
by the m-nerd June 16, 2004
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"I live in M-town!"
"Dudeee! You live in Milford?"
"No you fucknut, I live in Middletown."
by M-Town Represent! May 1, 2004
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Marlton, NJ is where we live. M-town is the kids and the fucked up shit we do. It's the kids that smoke, drink beers, do drugs and get messed up. In M-town you're a party all-star. In Marlton, you're doing homework. In different make sure the whole town knows you're from M-tooowwwwnnnnnn.
by Evan January 31, 2005
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M-town is a shortening on Middletown,DE. Steriotypically part of "lower, slower" because of the amount of farmland and lack of civilization. However, we are moving on up in the world cause we got a McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Dairy queen and a Lowes now!
by M-town Chick April 28, 2004
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the m...your not from it
by mikee s December 13, 2003
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