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memphis, tn and if you think otherwise, well you're wrong.
M-Town Representatives by Gangsta Boo, thats all you need.

by thkist October 31, 2005
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North Memphis, South Memphis, Westwood, Orangemound, everyday I gotta rep da mothafuckin MTown...
by DooDoohead March 04, 2006
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memphis 10 all day. when u hear rappin bout m-town dats memphis tennessee.
rep that m-town.
-3 six mafia
by snowbunny_babie January 12, 2009
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m-town is actually Memphis, TN. At least when listening to Project Pat, who is from Memphis.
Hypnotize Minds representin' in tha M-town!
by taser1984 April 10, 2004
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M-Town stands for Milpitas thats in California where the real playas are
You Down To Represnt M-Town
by B-Dezzy January 22, 2005
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