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Milford What
Yo you goin down to m-town to pimp some hoes.
by pattywilla November 3, 2003
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It's stands for Middletown hence the "m" and the "town" and middletown is partially ghetto. madison and milford def DO NOT fit the definition
"m-town REPRESENT!!"
by videl December 17, 2003
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When I was in M-Town, I got drunk and puked on state street.
by Joe G. March 13, 2005
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a town of dangorous shit, aka milford
you better stay out of m-town
by k money November 7, 2003
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memphis 10 all day. when u hear rappin bout m-town dats memphis tennessee.
rep that m-town.
-3 six mafia
by snowbunny_babie January 13, 2009
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They got some good herb in Florida, but nothing like here in the M-Town.
by Don Malachai July 9, 2005
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Memphis Tenn.......Da Krunkest and Buckest City ON tha MiSSiSSiPPi
Baby Dall, Im bouta go tah M TOWN and get this money...........haha!!!!!!!!!
by Kizzy Jones November 22, 2005
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