m-town from killa kali where tha viet gangsta stay at
where u from? M-Town nigga represent
by concac69@gmail.com March 25, 2005
N: A township located in montgomery county PA, that has turned into one of the roughest ghetto's in pa.

The most thugged out suburb in the world.
You got hookers on chairs doing lines and other crazy shit liek that.
Shit i aint going to m town the niggaz is drawin up there.
by Matty Smizz March 13, 2005
When a Male defecates upon the chest of another male and forms the feces into the shape of breasts and then has sexual intercourse with the immatation breasts.

aka, a dude shits on another dudes chest, makes titties and fuck them.

The M-town is for Milledgeville, Ga the moves homeplace.
by dancingalien April 25, 2007
A more sophisticated way of naming someone's city that they live in. This could be Memphis TN Maryland NJ or more recently Manchester in the UK. Rappers such Playboi Melo has been heard using this slang
This is God Damn M Town you stupid lil ahh bitch!
by thefoundingodfather July 28, 2022
M Town is a place where people are trying to make it out it’s small upcoming artist from there are King Gp, BandmanJon,Liddy1k,Scutty and their producer Cj Harris known as Cjtoturnt
Josh: Aye where Gp and Liddy at

Cj: oh they in M Town
by M Town June 13, 2019