to the max, or maximum. the best, highest, nothign is better
Yo this joint is phat to the M ax.
by niggs to the M ax February 20, 2003
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Wayne is someone who is true to themselves, no matter what.

He never gives up on the people who he cares about.

Someone who selflessly goes above and beyond ordinary expectations to help someone out or even just to cheer them up.
" I love you, Wayne M. Holland" "Once you find him, don't let him go" "He's a keeper"
by Carmen Hunt September 27, 2019
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Wei Wen (M) all in all is an introvert, he loves chicken a lot in food choices. He has a pure heart and an innately strong logical mind for solving problems. He will continuously question and analyze until logic is established. Wei Wen (M) is more of a scientist at heart, thinking more on the scale of men to the universe, compared to interpersonal relationships. However, this does not make him a social outcast, since he can also adapt and learn to appreciate social relationships, it just takes a longer time than most other people. Due to this mindset, Wei Wen (M) can effectively switch between 2 modes, of which being serious and being laid back.
by Kaoseu November 22, 2021
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Waleed, Omar, Mohannad, Bader, Abdulrahman, King Khaled
The best family in the world is w-o-m-b-a-k.
by DaBestN00bZ December 7, 2020
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Affirmative grunt, agreeance; acceptance, something yummy or tasty.
A moan of delight.
Friend: "Hey, do you like that apple pie?"
You: " (u)Mm h(u)m!"
by Psyckofish June 4, 2019
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