and round DELICOUS candy that if you don't like it, you are a demon. also suspicously has the same name as a rapper...
"hey, can you share some m and m's with me plz?" "sure"
by max barbare October 14, 2020
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A bumhole. Mason disregards the universal law that saturday’s are for the boys. Mason is just a straight up butthole who likes prison and dropping the soap.
Mason M. broke the love contract, he is sentenced to 10000 years in prison with no food or water.
by SnotSoupMaker October 7, 2019
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A text message (SMS) that is sent to multiple recipients, resulting in multiple replies that one can only respond to by extensive multi-tasking.
"I Mass-M-Mess'd the potluck party invitation to, like, 100 people, and now I need an Excel spreadsheet to figure out who's coming and who's bringing what?"
by Merlot69 April 30, 2009
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matteo pio is an awesome guy who can be super sweet, and extremely gullible. However his sweetness is so amazing that you'll be blown away.
"I'm glad I have Matteo Pio M. for a boyfriend," said the cutest girl ever
by lsikwx November 25, 2021
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He’s a sexy bro he got that rice crispy and he be a cool guy
Mattt M is a cool guy
by Radjad February 12, 2021
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Max M faggot extremely homophobic asshole.
No likes him because of his massive nipples and tiny ballsack. If u see max you know dudes are coming.
ShitMax M is coming run he’ll give you gay faggot syndrome
by Josh’s should s b December 24, 2019
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