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outgoing, funny, smart, most of the time brunette. lyndzies are great to go to when your having a bad day and when you just want tot hang out. lyndzies are one of the most rare people you'll ever meet. lyndzies have many friends and few enimies. sometimes a teachers pet.
i wish i could be a lyndzie...
by lynieshay December 07, 2011
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Lyndzie is a really great friend let alone a great person! She isn't selfish and always wants to have fun. Lyndzie is crazy but always has amazing grades. Her name alone makes her so much more unique!
Amy:Lyndzie got all A's AGAIN!
by Klm♡ June 29, 2018
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Normal seems like a good person, but really is a multi-faced bitch , that tends to exaggerate EVERYTHING. They may seem harmless they will surely drive ylu bat shit crazy, if you have a male friend, tell them to watch their wanker if you catch my drift.
Did you see Lyndzie at that Dance?

Yeah, I think she thought it was Mardi Gras.
by Phsyco-oblivion June 07, 2018
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