1. Highly appealing or interesting: fun
2. attractive; pleasing in form and appearance: sexay
3. passionate
4. charming
5. devoted
lynard would be what i look for in an awesome boyfriend
by *grin* February 6, 2004
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It's Lynyrd Skynyrd. Any fan posts here were done by dumbasses who think Freebird is the finger or something that craps on statues.
If a band known for their southern pride and frequent use of the Confederate Flag outsmarts you with their spelling, you have a problem.
by Macadaciouse June 9, 2005
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Y Y Y Y !!!!
NO A!!!!
Here's my definition:Lynyrd Skynyrd
It's spelled L-Y-N-Y-R-D S-K-Y-N-Y-R-D!!!!!
by (2)Clint_Bowyer RULES!!! March 29, 2005
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The greatest band to ever walk the face of this planet and if you don't like this band you should be gang raped by a bunch of horny men in jail
lynard skynard is the best band ever
by deicas January 5, 2005
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they should be a god
to bad a plane crashed killed them but there music will live on. amen
by fender457 January 16, 2004
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