1. The mythological ability to turn into a werewolf.
2. The ability to shift mental/physical state into that of a wolf.
3. A spiritual connection to wolves and canines.
Some Native American tribes practiced lycanthropy through chanting and other rituals.
by godofphotoshop April 5, 2004
The knowleg or act of speaking with animals practiced by the druids of stonehenge and ireland durin the stone age, also act of animal transformations.
talking to your dog would be a technical way of lycanthropy
by Zayle January 19, 2004
When an insane person thinks they/he/she is a wolf.
Man, you didn't know, I've been howlin' at the moon. I have lycanthropy. My guitar is better at it though it seems when I hit that perfict note in a shred. Leading us to belive that thier is some thing dark and mysterious called chthonic (thawn-ick) rhyming with phonic;)
by yapokswedgebanalana June 13, 2010
Lie . Ka . N . Thro . Pae

Lycanthropy is a fictional illness passed on through saliva. Those infected with Lycanthropy will suffer a painful transformation into an abnormally vicious wolf when exposed to the full moon. This ilness was derived from Greek mythology.

This phenomenon is known more commonly as werewolves.
"Derek was infected with Lycanthropy."
by Excited Bullphrog April 5, 2022
when an insane person thinks he's a wolf
Penny: girl that J freaked my shit out he kept sniffin my crotch
Carla: It's ok, he's slow girl, he got the lycanthropy
Penny; should I get some peanutbutter then?
Carla: your such a jerk! rotflmao
by lallywallywillypoornave October 26, 2009
When a werewolf acts like a puppy.
I thought I was going to be torn apart by the rage monster, but I guess he had submissive lycanthropy, because he just wanted me to rub his belly.
by Lochleinn December 10, 2013
Mental disorder in which the patient believes that he is a wolf or some other nonhuman animal.
Person 1:Hey did you hear the news today?

Person 2: Yeah something about Lycanthropy.
by yessocrow December 4, 2022