Fake religion made up by the band "The Network" (who are actually the three members Green Day in disguise and two other people). It's a joke, part of the elaborate creation of The Network. Basically followers believe intoxication is great. Here's some of the fake history:

Controversial church established in 1981 by romance novel writer Hal Don Burre. He got the inspiration one day when he went to a bar, couldn't decide what to order, had the bartender pour all of the liquor into one glass, inventing the "Long Island Ice Tea." He then went inot a drug induced coma, envisioned the church, and wrote a book called Intoxication is Intoxicating. It became the new religions bible.
Tre: Dude, I'm in Lushotology
Mike: What the hell is that, man?
Tre: Uhhh...it's a great religion. We get drunk all the time
by JingJing October 8, 2005
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Lushotolgy is a religion that believes in intoxication. Such members of this religion are Tre Cool of Green Day, Fat Mike of Green Day, and ever member of The Network.
Tre Cool is a member of the Church of Lusholology
by Chris Leftover March 1, 2004
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A fake religion made up by the members of The Network (aka just the band Green Day in costumes) and filmmaker John Roecker. Self described as "A hedonistic group of people who enjoy fucking, smoking and of course, booze." You basically drink alcohol until you black out and then repeat forever.
Guy 1: "Dude, I'm in Lushotology"
Guy 2: "What the fuck is that"
by Frosco February 11, 2022
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