Basically, tromboning. But taken from the Lurpak advert with that annoying little butter man who should have been eaten years ago. Bastard!
........and now introducing Lurpak spreadable......! With our Lurpaking mother fucka, Bertie the butter bastard! Fuckin twat
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A young lady who is attractive from the neck down only. Derived from the market-leading brand of butter, as in "great body... but 'er face!!!!"
"Sharon's a total minger, she's got a face like a bulldog licking piss of a wasp."
"I can see where you're coming from, she's definitely no honey but I still would. She's a lurpak."
by falski January 16, 2007
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Used to describe when a piece of gossip is highly classified information and must not be passed on. Originates from "Lurpak" butter, which is notoriously hard to spread when cold. Therefore, a Code Lurpak is information that cannot be spread.
Person 1: So, can I tell Person 3 about what happened between you and that girl last night?
Person 2: No! Definitely not! That is a Code Lurpak!
by Daniel L 1701 April 8, 2007
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