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1) A latin word for wolf.

2) The act of "lone wolfing it"

3) A priest in world of warcraft who has a weird in game party omniscience and thinks that robes and nightwear are the height of fashion.
1) Romulus and Remus were brought up by a lupoe and a woodpecker.

2) "Hey, guys, you go on ahead and ghost ride your car past the copshop, im going to lupoe up a party and get all my girlfriends naked"

3) The only priest in WoW that can heal a "Leroy Jenkins" party

b) Lupoe tells Leefs "Hey, man, did you see my new robe that I just won"

Leefs "Thats a dress, man"

Lupoe "Naw, it's a robe, look at the name of it"

Leefs "That's just marketing"
by twitter September 13, 2006
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