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L.ittle U.gly P.iece O.f S.hit
"Get that lupos outta my way"!Usually used when politely
swearing at an old, beat up Toyota Camry chugging along
obliviously at 20 mph up a steep grade holding up traffic
in the "fast" lane!
by Starwatcher November 10, 2006
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A person that lives in, and creeps around in a vehicle that looks like it's barely held together with rubber bands, chewing gum, and chicken wire. They're often seen parked in the back of supermarket parking lots, or hanging around public parks, alleys, shelters, welfare offices or liquor stores.

Most of the time, the person also looks as completely worn out as the vehicle does.
"Boy, will ya look at that poor rubber tramp cruising on down the street!"
by Starwatcher September 11, 2006
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B.ig U.gly P.iece O.f S.hit
"Get that bupos out of my way!" (Used frequently to politely swear at huge SUVS, trucks, motorhomes and other assorted motorized monstrosities lumbering along slowly in front of you in traffic!)

"You bupos!"
by Starwatcher September 9, 2006
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