A person who is jammed in the cranium
I saw a bunty across the street and said, "ello milf how doo you doo", then I got close and saw a scar on her forehead. She was a lunty
by ayy ayy DAUMIE November 23, 2009
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When a person tags you in a post on a social networking website, then deletes you just before you get a chance to see it.
*Jack deletes Bob Faic straight away*
Bob Faic: ooh i'm tagged in a status, wait, i can't get to it..... He's gone and done a Lunty!
by xXD1LL0N4T0RXx January 07, 2010
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Someone who plays the victim card, until they are in a position of power.
Guy 1: Jerry has been acting like a dick ever since he got that promotion, he used to be so nice!
Guy 2: Yeah, he's a proper luntis.
by Csikos Ghost August 19, 2021
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