well basically its the most universal, sickest, obviously coolest, and logical way of expressing any emotion or feeling you or the univeral population could possibly have...it can also be good or bad
by Aaron Cowell December 10, 2006
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Eating so much food at one time
Damn Stacy be Luchin on them nachos
by KTlove February 19, 2005
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To be swooned/fall for a girl or guy during your initial meeting
Aaron is always hot lunchin'. He'll meet a chick once and be obsessed with her.
by CaptainRBag July 12, 2011
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To act out of control and crazy. Similiar to kirkin out.

Origin: Prince Georges Co MD, but also used in surrounding areas
Sam was so upset over losing her rent money, she started lunchin out.
by C. N. Leonard July 28, 2006
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Laughing uncontrollably. Possibly while stoned.
Oh my god, look at Terry. Dudes straight lunchin' out on the cat.
by IPoise December 24, 2014
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