Derogatory term used for a person that is commonly referred to as awkward or unable to converse with women. This person is constantly ostracized by his/her peers. This person can commonly be characterized as a walking contradiction, both sexy and awkward.
Did you hear about Lukewarm and the Venetian chick?
Yeah, I heard he was so awkward he almost didn't get any.
by DTheWhiteRapper June 07, 2010
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The temperature inside a dead Taunton, good enough for Rebel Scum.
Han Solo cut open a Luke warm Taunton to save a certain Jedi from hypothermia. Good thing he didn't get cold feet.
by ilikeeatingbrains March 21, 2013
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To be used when describing someone or something that is neither cool nor hot. Can be used in good and bad ways.
A) That jawn is HOT!
B) Eh, she's lukewarm.


A) That guy is so cool!
B) He is totally lukewarm! I'ma go get his digits.
by Connie Allison April 12, 2004
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Also known as "Lukes" or "Luke Sky Walkers"

Definition 1:
A hot girl who appears under age 18

Definition 2:
When the pussy is less than average quality. Or, pussy is just OK, but not great.
Peter: Hey Richard, Look!!! Luke warms!!

Richard: Yea bro, I like me some fresh Luke Sky Walkers right about now.


Dude that old bitch had Luke Warm guts. I had to sneak out when she was on the shitter.
by ZuntleCapacitorWavelength September 22, 2013
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Luke thinks it's warm. But Luke is a dumbass, so I wouldn't take his word for it.
Jeff: This coffee is lukewarm. Who the hell was Luke, anyway?

Rick: I don't know. He must've been a dumbass.
by fotografioj December 29, 2011
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