The fastest speed imaginable...light speed is too slow! It is extremely dangerous to go to ludicrous speed. It may result in you going to plaid. Also, going from ludicrous speed to a dead stop will result in you being launched across your ship, flying straight into a wall.
Prepare ship...prepare ship...for LUDICROUS SPEED!!!!
by A shark in a bear suit December 29, 2005
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Think of the fastest speed imaginable, so fast that it is impossible to see. Now times that speed by 12 and you get ludicrous speed.
The excrement was coming out my anus so damn fast, id swear it was going to hit ludicrous speed"
by Burgo November 6, 2003
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A phrase describing something that happened or took place very quickly.
Preferably shouted when drunk with your closest group of friends.
The night went by at Ludacris speed!
Yo dog i'll bet u a twenty sac Ill get into dat shortys pants at ludicrous speed!
by San December 11, 2004
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A phrase taken from the Mel Brooks movie Spaceballs, refers to anything happening or moving at an exceptional rate.
My computer bluescreened the night before my paper was due, so I had to retype it at ludicrous speed that morning.

I had to drive at ludicrous speed to get to work on time after I lost my keys.
by South Illinois December 29, 2011
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