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Derived from the Latin 'Bappus Pigdogius horribilus.' A derogetory term used to describe females blessed with large robust front bumpers but in a bizzar twist of fate ended up with faces like the back end of a mangled meat truck. In certain situations the face could be reasonable but the short stubby legs, or tats on the forarm make them suitable candidates. Often overweight and seen munching on pies. Their natural habitat is dark and dingy pubs and clubs where they prey on hapless inebriated gentlemen.
'That lass you pulled in the club last night she was as rough as fuck but goodness to betsy what a crackin set, a real Bap Pig mate.'

Mariah Carey

Lisa Riley

Your mum
by Burgo May 22, 2006
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Think of the fastest speed imaginable, so fast that it is impossible to see. Now times that speed by 12 and you get ludicrous speed.
The excrement was coming out my anus so damn fast, id swear it was going to hit ludicrous speed"
by Burgo November 06, 2003
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