in punjabi lubby means find me

wait till lubby reads this
ex: im hideing mainu lubby.
by thegreat5abijatt December 1, 2006
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an person of an ultra liberal political stripe.
That lubbie Senator is a real nutjob.

The lubbies are crying now that the bill won't pass.
by Woogeroo January 21, 2010
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the little fat betweem a persons arm and chest usually found on a fat person
That morbidly obbesse woman has huge lubbies
by Gina Bina March 11, 2007
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A genius who will answer pretty much any non-personal question. Creative, smart, and thoughtful. The nickname was given to him throught unconventional and odd circumstances through a game with his peers. Nevertheless, he continues to toil on through his studies in an effort to one day make it into the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He tries to be friendly and kind to everyone, even if sometimes the feelings aren't mutual. Can be a bit prideful, but ca be humble at times. Is usually greeted with a simple "Hey Lubby". Derivatives of this nickname are as follows: Lubby, Lubster, Lubs, etc.
"Hey Lubby."


"How's it goin' Lubs."
by LubbyIsWatching April 3, 2013
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Dropping an amount of spit as a sexual lubricant.
At Mary's request, Bryan dropped a lubbie to make the sex more enjoyable.
by Tran T March 31, 2009
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When a certain man ejaculates in a male dog's rectum, A chemical reaction occurs.
The man then opens the male dog's genitals and eats all the reproductive organs.
He then vomits it all out, The result of his vomit is called lubby tubby
Mf 1- Ayo gimmie dem lubby tubby
Mf 2- Tf my n*gga fuck off
by Murtuza May 25, 2021
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