a pretty girl who lots of people are jealous of
i wish that luba would just love me as much as i love her!!
by blah March 23, 2005
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A slang way of saying Pannick Attack
Girl:Mom Cindy's having a Luba!
Mom:OMG! Get an ambulance!
by EAT LUBA December 24, 2004
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an alien fond of fairytales, sensuality, and disney movies.
Luba says, "i feel so sensual."
by Rosalind <3 January 25, 2007
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yo man, luba will give u a great shape up
by WIZ February 17, 2005
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A mother who does not care what her daughter does and tries to be best friends with her daughters friends.
"Like home dog wanna chyll like later?!" exclaimed Luba
by Angie December 23, 2003
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Luba is a gorgeous girl with beautiful eyes and almost perfect eyebrows. She usually has dark hair and lighter skin and is of European decent. She is very pretty and many people are jealous of her model like body. She has a wonderful personality and is very funny. She is also very good in bed.
by SliiimThugggaa March 14, 2017
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A character in the movie Saw V played by Meagan Good. Luba was a city planner who was placed in the 5-1 person trap for giving out undeserved building permits. Luba made it to the final 3 but then she was murdered by Britt and Malick... She was stabbed some where in the back of her neck once she was dead they proceeded to put her body in a tub full of water and hook a bunch of electrical things up to her and let her fry from 100 volts of electricity.... Her body was used as a conductor to open up a door before a nail bomb went off.
Eric: Who was your favorite saw character?
Raheem: Luba from Saw V
Eric: was that the girl who got electrocuted?
Raheem: yep!
by sexygayboy July 17, 2009
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