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Customer- Hey man, I need your help. (puts his broken computer on the technician's workdesk)

Computer Technician- What seems to be the problem with your system today?

Customer- My system wont turn on.

Computer- Technician- (looks carefully at the broken laptop and finds out that all of the circuit boards are fried) Uh oh.

Customer- What's the problem with my computer?

Computer Technician- I hate to break it to you but, your system is a B.B.R.

Customer- What does that mean?

Computer Technician- It means Broken Beyond Repair.

Customer- Ah, shit.
by allmar January 28, 2014
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Any device that is barely capable of completing basic tasks. (web browsing, making calls, playing a video, playing music, etc.)
Dude #1: "Hey man, Those computers over there look awesome!"

Dude #2: "Wow, and they're pretty cheap too!"

Dude #3: "Dude, those are the low-end computers.
by allmar October 6, 2013
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