A term used to describe what everyone should do. whether it be your own or someone elses: we must all 'Love the Cock' - you know its true (would I lie to you?)
Oh my god I love the cock, gimme more

She does not love the cock enough

mmm... cock
by Luke Warm August 15, 2008
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When a girl is hot, and usually untouchable. It relates to yourself imagining having sex with her and she is loving it.
by Floyn1 February 4, 2010
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What you put as a status when you hack someones account on Facebook
Male: I love cock

Female: I love cock
by MreX December 4, 2011
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Its is a slang for "i love you too'
Woman: do you love me
Man: i love cock
Woman: what the fuck
by JibranmRauf March 5, 2022
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Claire loves Cocks is a girl who is very very emo and loves to swallow hard bulging cock!

sub to only fans

person 1: you seen Claire loves cocks

person 2: no?
person 1: You should
by ggity69 June 29, 2022
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Expression of people who enjoy large black male chickens
Person 1: "Damn bro that was a great idea"
Person 2: "Yeah bro I love big black cocks
by September 1, 2021
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