Surgical operation to partially close the vagina in order to give the appearance of virginity.
We couldn't let her fiancee know she wasn't a virgin, so we went to the same doctor who'd given her an abortion to get her a love knot.
by owan January 23, 2008
love me knots is the term describing the pain in your hert an stomach that says " I am so in love with you". it comes when you watch someone you like like someone else, you find that person doesn't love you, or that person you love leaves. not to be confused with love me not from when you pick flower petals. ultimately, heart break
Girl doubled over crying: *crying*
best friend: what's wrong?
girl: it's ---. *cry*
by stander: what?
best friend: she's got the "love me knots"
by CanYouSeeMyScars? February 28, 2011
one day bloomers lead to loveless tangles.
opium poppy blooms for one day, then it leaves a (loves me knot).People fall into relationships then think if they compromise here,bend a little there it will work, but then it doesn't.It leaves a loves me knot.
by Dr.Argues June 24, 2010