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a movie about how love actually is everywhere around us even though our world is precieved as a world of hatred. about how so many people are afraid to fly on air plaines since 9/11 and how airports are the place where you can always find love. for example at the baggage claim when u meet up with a loved one you always see hugs and kisses and nice things going around. how on 9ll all the calls from on board the plaine sertantly werent calls of hate they were calls of love. the movie also had a lot of really cute quotes. it follows many peoples love stories including the ones from a prime minister to people who double in porn scenes in movies. i loved this movie tho it was a little confusing to keep it all strait
((when mark talks to his step son about whats wrong and why hes been locking himself in his room and his son says its cuz hes in love))
"im relieved... it could be so much worse"
"worse? you think their are things that are worse then the total agony of being in love?"
by ally August 21, 2004
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The movie that inspired Cole Hutto to run back to North Carolina and finished unfinished business.
It's a movie, obv.
by Cds January 17, 2004
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1. A Hugh Grant movie
2. A comedy/romance
3. A complete waste of your time
4. One of the most lamest and cheesiest movies I have ever saw
"Love Actually" made me want to vomit actually.
by DayShine April 26, 2005
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