A light slap or hand patting someones bottom as a sign of affection.
He playfully and affectionately gave his girlfriend a love pat as they walked down the street.
by Gartenzwerg June 17, 2008
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A firm, open-palmed slap on a woman’s behind (generally demonstrated by their significant others.) Can also refer to a gentle touch on the opposite gender’s shoulder.
“Digging the Rock Revivals.” - Nick

Thank you so much! You should give me a love pat on the booty!” - Kelsey
by GoGetterCFerg July 14, 2020
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soft punches of encouragment that are administered on the knee, shoulder and arm.
my dad kept giving me "love pats"
by charlie-wallflower June 22, 2007
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when a guy touches a girl in a non-sexual way and she thinks it actually means something but in reality he thinks he can get some major ass from her
In the movie theater, Raymond was giving Kailtin love pats, but she just giggled and kept watching the movie.
by BlowMeHarder June 6, 2005
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She’s such a pat love, I thought she was a lesbian
by HTgqe May 12, 2022
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