A sexual act in which an African woman is engaged in anal sex and as you near climax you pull out. The female proceeds to excrete shit and the male ejaculates on top of the shit giving it a proper glaze. Finally, the male picks up the shit yelling "Louisiana bayou!" and slaps her undercarriage with it.
Dude last night I got so drunk I Louisiana bayou'ed the shit out of some black woman!
by Skeeterman169696969 October 21, 2013
A rare infection of the skin similar to the more widely known Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh-Eating Bacteria), differing mainly by the source or cause of the infection. The bacterial spread begins through the upper layers of skin tissue, proceeding to the deeper layers of the skin tissue within a culturing period of roughly 3 to 6 days. The infection is caused by direct contact with a liquid containing the live bacteria, the most common infection scenario is the accidental act of stepping into a puddle of various bodily fluids found to excrete from a typical hobo person(s). This can vary from vomit, feces, semen, etc (Often a combination of several aforementioned bodily fluids)
Walking down an alley last night Chris caught a wicked case of louisiana bayou.
by Hex-aye-techs April 9, 2015
The dead skin scrappings collected from the grundle or taint/asshole region after a long run in the heat of summer. Swampass is the number one culprit for these God forsaken brownies.
Bill: I just went for a 10 mile run in this Louisiana Bayou death heat wave.

Mark: You better go scrap yourself clean of all the Louisiana Bayou Brownies bro.
by Csmasher May 19, 2011