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Louay which I saw originally originated in France, is a unique word that intends to mean ' the jaguar with the warm heart.' Louay is a word that also means Stubborn, bold, powerful and thoughtful. Often not attracted to the out side of a being but on the inside. Instead of looking at people on there outer skin a Louay intends to find the true side of a being.
dont judge people on the outside but on there inside, because a Louay must not be shallow
by King Louis May 14, 2018
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The name of a Desert dweller, usually Algerian. Most people burdened with this name also like to show off at soccer, or other sports that they are usually not good at.
Stop being a little Louay and pass the ball!

Go back to the Sahara Desert Louay.
by Algeria Is A Desert June 03, 2018
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In malay it means, "Si kambang"... good catcher
He is louay in dodgeball
by el douchè April 23, 2018
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