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The awkward part of texting where the context of a conversation is lost without vocal and facial aid. What would normally be a joke or sarcastic comment comes off as an insult.
He got really mad at me so I guess he didn't get the joke. t was definitely lost in textation.
by Steve J August 23, 2014
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When the intent of a text message is misinterpreted by the recipient as being condescending, angry, or negative, despite neutral or positive intentions.
I just texted to find out when she was getting off work and she texted back "Why are you being such an ass?" I apologized, explaining "It must have gotten lost in textation." -MJ
by OldManRealist February 11, 2018
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When one is so absorbed in texting on their cellular device you cannot break their attention from it. Often they are looking down at their phone while you are trying to get their attention.
Johnny was lost in textation, I tried to get his attention but he continued to stare at his phone as he texted Joey. Finally when he finished his conversation he looked up and said, "What?"
by BossJD June 24, 2015
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